Quality policy

Quality is a shared responsibility

LCM Reinigung GmbH is a young, innovative and fast-growing company in the cleaning sector, which is committed to a consistent focus on quality and customer orientation.

To concretise these goals, LCM Reinigung GmbH has introduced a quality policy in which the points for compliance are agreed and which is binding for the entire company.

Quality orientation

Quality is the basis of all activities. Every employee has to make a significant contribution to quality. The quality policy is the working basis of every employee in the company.

Completely satisfied customers

It is our primary goal to achieve full satisfaction through faultless services, through 100% adherence to deadlines, through competent and friendly cooperation with our customers’ employees and thus to secure and improve our competitiveness.

Our customers should appreciate us as reliable partners who not only fulfil the expected requirements but also have an open ear for additional expectations and react flexibly if necessary.

Zero-defect target

In all processes and services, flawless production is the condition for building up a relationship with our customers.
If something does not meet with our full satisfaction, we work together with our staff to identify the caused issues and start working together to fix them. We do not look for guilty parties, but for solutions.

Continuous quality improvement

Our company expects each of its employees to be fully committed to quality in their individual work and to actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of all our processes and services.

Flat management structures and eye-to-eye communication across all levels ensure a fast and effective way to identify opportunities for improvement, which are taken seriously and implemented consistently within the company.

Quality through thinking and acting

In order to achieve the quality goals, the skills of all employees are constantly developed and trained for customer- and quality-oriented thinking and acting.
The flat structure and process organisation of the company, characterised by direct communication, enables changes and adjustments to be implemented quickly, thus bringing the results to our customers quickly.

Quality through leadership

Managers are role models for their employees. They must formulate clear, achievable goals and support the employees in realising these goals. They are responsible for the fulfilment of these goals.
Transparency towards our employees as well as their extensive involvement in the further development of the company ensure the high motivation of our employees and their willingness to identify with the company and its goals.

Quality as a commitment

In order to sustainably secure the listed points, the company has introduced a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 we have a certification of the system by TÜV Süd.