Disinfection services

Disinfection services

LCM has carried out specific disinfections through various procedures, always adapted to the circumstances of each space or workplace.


Desinfektion COVID

Thermonebulisation, consisting of the application of disinfectant through an automatic ULV device that delivers the product in particles of less than one micron that remain suspended in the air and slowly deposit on surfaces.


The disinfection of surfaces by air in the cold allows to reach all the parts, even the most distant and difficult to reach, and develops all its fungicidal and bactericidal capacity through the use of the molecular and pneumatic microdiffuser, which allows a fast and homogeneous diffusion in the environment, as well as a precision in the dosage in the absence of people.

Disinfectants for personal use


Nebulised spray with a 70% alcohol composition. Perfect for continuous disinfection, material-friendly, good smelling and easy to handle for everyone.

*Services are available for both regular and occasional disinfection