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Escalator and moving walkway cleaning

With our high quality cleaning machine for escalators and moving walkways, we comply with the highest demands for the professional cleaning of escalators. With the use of our wet cleaning machine, we can clean all common types of escalators without having to dismantle them, and in the shortest possible time. Immediately after wet cleaning of the steps and risers, the escalator can be used again without any waiting time.

Furthermore, the use of the escalator cleaning machine does not require any intervention in the special control system of the escalator or the removal of the individual rungs. The wet cleaning is carried out safely and efficiently step by step in each slot. The wet cleaning machines used by our staff are specially designed for the cleaning of escalators and remove dirt from both the steps and the side surfaces. Furthermore, with this cleaning method, neither liquids nor cleaning chemicals enter the escalator, as these are sucked up by the machine directly during the cleaning process. Our qualified cleaners also clean all handrails and all side surfaces of the escalator.

No matter how dirty the escalator is, our intensive escalator cleaning removes even chewing gum residues.