Cleaning services

Our approach is described here and is based on three main points:

  • The consideration of empirical values and our experience in the evaluation and analysis of a large number of projects of comparative relevance.
    Continuous review of the cleaning services provided by our specialists and divisional managers to ensure the standard of cleaning in accordance with the order and the desired customer satisfaction.
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, which meet the customer’s specific service requirements and which guarantee the necessary immediate measures in case of extraordinary situations or interruptions of the normal process.

In the pursuit of excellence in LCM, we add value to our services. This is manifested in the introduction of new technologies and in the quality control of our services.

In order to provide the best service, it is important that we use the latest technologies and the most energy-efficient tools and respect materials. This is in addition to our professional cleaning equipment. Together, this leads to a qualitatively excellent result.
To achieve this goal, we work with the leading suppliers on the market. Our partners provide us with the most modern products. Another important point is the environment. That is why we only use eco-labelled products.

Machines and technical aids

All the machines we use must be DIN or ISO certified depending on their use and correspond to our high quality standard. As a rule, we only use machines from leading manufacturers with whom we cooperate. The respective use of the machines depends on the requirements of the site. The housing and storage of the required machines depends on the space capacities on site. If necessary, external solutions are established.
Furthermore we maintain a continuous training for the use of machines in order to optimise their functionality. We use only specific cleaning products and cleaning discs for these machines, as well as for the materials to be cleaned.


Our area managers have various methods of performing quality checks via our app. The following points are checked:

  • Execution
  • Follow-up of problems
  • Implementation plan
  • Quality control
  • Machine inspection

This creates transparency for the customer and for us.


Quality control

In order to maintain our strict specifications and quality standards, we have developed a smartphone app. With this app we can keep in real-time contact with our employees who are actively working at the customer’s site, with the responsible area managers and with the back office in Berlin. All important information is collected directly and allows urgent measures to be taken immediately. Changes to the original contract, documentation or images can be transmitted via the app for further consultation with the customer.

Transparency for the customer in quality assurance is very important to us. That is why we have created the possibility for every customer to log in to the app. This means that the customer always has the option to take a look at all processes. In this way, he is always well informed about all work processes and is sure of the quality of the service.


First, a technical inspection of the site is carried out to select the optimal cleaning methods. Determination of the location of the operation, planning of work routines and operating personnel, as well as the correct choice of technical aids and cleaning products.

Prices and costs

After a preliminary analysis by our technicians and after determining the necessary resources, we provide the client with a customised offer, adapted to his personal needs.

How the system works

We use and activate all our departments with their specialised knowledge for the correct execution of our customers’ orders. We have an internal system to control the quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 for quality management systems (QMS) is the world’s most popular standard for quality management systems, with over one million certified companies in 180 countries. ISO 9001 provides companies with a legal framework for quality management to ensure consistent quality of products and services. Companies choose to be certified to ISO 9001 to provide evidence of diligent adherence to high standards. This reduces the risk of service deficiencies and provides a basis of trust for customers.

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates LCM’s willingness to consistently satisfy and even exceed customer expectations.  To sustain the quality policy, the company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and we are certified by TÜV Süd.

With our environmentally friendly cleaning concept we show you how you can still obtain excellent results without the use of environmentally harmful products and machines.

Osmosis water

Cleaning without negative impact on the environment is made possible by cleaning with osmosis water. As the cleaning solution is produced on site using only tap water, there are no transport routes and no corresponding negative CO2 footprint. In addition, it leaves no residue even when it evaporates, so there is no need to dry it out and it is even fit for human consumption.

Ecological machinery

We use machines with greater mechanical strength, which reduce the amount of water and product by half.
From the outset, we pay great attention to the quality and durability of our products and machines. Our maintenance system contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the machinery and thus to the conservation of resources.

Biotechnological cleaning

Biotechnological cleaning

We use bioactive products that remove dirt and disinfect through bacteria. Thanks to their biotechnology, these products are human-friendly, do not irritate the skin and are effective against viruses such as COVID19. As they are “living” products, their disinfectant and cleaning effect is continuous after use.
Furthermore, these products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. As they are concentrated products, we eliminate the contamination caused by transport, as well as the number of containers generated. As they are “live” products, their disinfecting and cleaning effect continues for hours after application.

With our environmentally friendly cleaning concept we show you how you can still obtain excellent results without the use of environmentally harmful products and machines.

Good environmental practices

In order to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning services in the workplace, LCM will take the following measures to optimise product consumption: Avoiding the consumption of unnecessary products; limiting the use of environmentally harmful products as much as possible; minimising the amount of packaging and ensuring its recycling; limiting energy and water consumption as much as possible. These measures are based on our constantly updated knowledge of how to select the most environmentally friendly products, machines and methods in order to optimise the ecological performance of our cleaning activities. The two basic resources for the implementation of the quality standards of our services, water and electricity, are optimally integrated into the work processes in this respect. In our optimisation plan we explain the environmental measures integrated into our services.

Work system

Setting up the services

The services to be specified in the cleaning contract are agreed with the client and a technical proposal is made, designating equipment, machines, products, etc. This proposal is specific to each workplace, taking into account its specific needs.

Commissioning the service in the client facilities

We proceed to start the service with the client, following the stipulations of the proposal offered. Then the control protocols begin, not only to ensure that what has been established is complied with, but also to anticipate possible needs of the centre. We also ensure a correct working environment, maintaining constant communication with our employees and with our client.

Protocols and training

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have created cleaning protocols for different types of workplaces, as well as manuals for the use of products or machines. We offer continuous training to our employees through the employee portal. We have also created protocols for dealing with various inconveniences, as well as emergency and waste management protocols.

Efficient cleaning

We plan our cleaning according to the “Sinner’s Circle” principles to maximise cleaning time and use of resources.
To make efficient use of the materials and products used for cleaning, we check the time intervals of the products in the way we execute the cleaning activities, making the balance between product, force, time and water necessary to optimise our resources to the maximum. We have introduced this as an integral methodology for all areas.
To this end, we have drawn up tables of work instructions and cleaning procedures. These work instructions are the basis for each employee and the responsible area manager.

The colour coding system

This system consists of a special colour assignment of the cleaning agents and their auxiliaries that are used. For us, this colour assignment is the basis of a functional cleaning system. Each task or work area has its own colour code and is only cleaned with the cleaning agent specifically intended for it. This avoids handling errors, which can cause infections or skin reactions, for example. We also avoid contamination and optimise cleaning. Only through consistent application of the colour coding system can we maintain our high quality standards.

The microfibre cleaning system

Microfibres have been used for a long time and have replaced the use of cotton fabric. Microfibres are extremely fine fibres consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. In addition, microfibre, due to its fibre structure, has a better absorption and grip than cotton, which makes its properties and cleaning capacity much better.