Floor cleaning

LCM Cleaning’s floor service is the best remedy against the effects of the passage of time on the floors of your company, your offices, or your home. Whatever your facilities look like and whatever your floors are made of – wood, stone… – over the years they will deteriorate, lose their shine and suffer the effects of encrusted dirt.

Why should you put up with the surfaces of your business or home being dirty, faded, lifeless, full of scratches and stains? There are many types of floors and certainly many types of dirt that can affect them, but they all have one thing in common: they can be quickly and easily restored to their original condition with the right treatment.

In floor service, as in all our cleaning services, we create tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients after a thorough prior study. We always plan our floor cleaning jobs taking into account the type of floor covering:

Hard floors. Which are formed by natural stones and their derivatives. Examples of these materials are granite, marble, slate, artificial stoneware tiles, flagstones, terrazzo…. they are all considered hard floors.
Soft floors. Wood parquet, cork, sintasol, linoleum….
Hard floorings. Terrazzo, marble, tiles…
Soft coverings. Syntasol, linoleum, rubber…

As no two floors are the same, our floor treatment service includes all the techniques and procedures required to refurbish, clean and disinfect surfaces, including:

  • Polishing of all types of floors.
  • Stripping of the floor.
  • Crystallising floors.
  • Sealing porous floors.
  • Waxing or application of emulsions.

Keep your carpets in perfect condition

Our Area Managers will prepare a proposal for the care of your carpets. These proposals are very specific, depending on the type of carpet and the needs of the customer. Our offer ranges from dry cleaning, where the carpets do not leave the centre, to other combined wet-dry treatments, to outdoor cleaning for more difficult stains or chewing gum removal.
For more difficult stains or with special machines and products to remove chewing gum or adhesives, we also offer outside your building cleaning.