The demands placed on the cleaning of a building site are very varied. Particularly before the handover of a building, a construction site cleaning is usually necessary, in which even the finest dust is removed. Partial cleaning, on the other hand, is usually based on general cleaning and debris removal. In the construction process, regular cleaning is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt.


  • Cleaning according to the construction sequence: Once one section of the construction site has been completed, an intermediate cleaning is carried out, cleaning sufficiently so that the next section can continue without problems, e.g. by removing construction debris and rubbish. In this way, intermediate cleaning contributes to the fluidity of the work processes and saves time and money. In addition to this, thorough cleaning at regular intervals also facilitates the work not only in the cleaning but also in the construction process.
  • Before handover: After completion of the construction work, a thorough final cleaning of the building ensures that you can present and hand over the finished building with full guarantee.

We are your construction site cleaning specialist. Whether it is an intermediate cleaning, a final cleaning or a thorough construction site cleaning, we guarantee the cleaning of your construction site with experienced, well-trained personnel and professional mechanical equipment.