Clean all the time

Maintenance cleaning means that a regular cleaning service is provided at certain intervals. The exact range of this work is determined in advance, together with the customer.

Before contracting maintenance cleaning, we visit the client to see the needs, materials and spaces that require our services. All our area managers have a lot of experience in cleaning for professionals, so the client can trust our professional advice.
During the visit to the property, we can directly register the cleaning work to be carried out.
Among other things, the number of rooms, the size and extent of the sanitary facilities, whether there is a kitchen or what floor coverings are present.
In order to create our cleaning concept, we must of course also know how much the property is “used” and by how many people.
Of course, we also discuss with our customers their individual requirements and needs. Shopping centres with a large number of visitors usually have higher requirements, especially the entrance area is of great importance in this case.
Once all requirements, criteria and wishes have been recorded, we can create an individual cleaning concept. We will then write down the services to be provided and the frequency with which they are to be provided and formalise our contract.

What services are included in maintenance cleaning?

As already explained above, the services are of course always individually coordinated. Nevertheless, we can give a few examples:

  • Emptying litter bins and ashtrays
  • Wipe down furniture
  • Cleaning work equipment (monitor, keyboard)
  • Cleaning sanitary facilities
  • Refilling hygiene articles
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop floors
  • Keep staircase and corridor clean
  • Clean reception counter from dust, fingerprints and bacteria
  • Cleaning and disinfecting rooms

Also in the maintenance cleaning, after consultation, we carry out special cleaning work at longer intervals. For example, tasks such as window cleaning, thorough carpet cleaning or daytime cleaning.

Advantages of maintenance cleaning

The regularity of a maintenance cleaning has not only visual reasons and advantages.  But regular and thorough cleaning also eliminates bacteria. Bacteria and viruses that are otherwise a high risk of infection for all employees. Through contact with desk surfaces, keyboards, door handles, cupboard handles, light switches or taps, bacteria can easily spread and increase the risk of infection!

Once you have entrusted us with your maintenance cleaning, you will never have to worry about this again. Customer satisfaction, reliability, quality and attention to detail are our top priorities. And if something doesn’t go as planned, you have a fixed contact person to contact.