Welcome to PlanD!

We are very excited to get started with this new app that offers advantages for both the company and the employees!

Here are some of the advantages:

All in One

All information centralised

Shifts, holidays, sick leave, payslips and other documents, all in one place and always accessible.

Chat App

Goodbye to WhatsApp!

PlanD has its own chat, so you will no longer mix your personal chats with photos and work information.


Full control

You will always know the hours worked. 100% transparency: you will be able to access your clockings, tasks and shifts whenever you want. Complying with the strictest legality


No more paper!

PlanD is a fully valid system for time recording, so you will save time when clocking in, without the need to use signature sheets. In addition, we will save paper and reduce our CO2 footprint.

Although it is a fairly intuitive system, we share training documents and videos with you:

Registration in PlanD

Time recording
with shift

Time recording without shift